Earn your Phone Photography Badge in a Weekend!

To earn the Phone Photography Badge, you will read about the history of photography and tips for taking photos on your mobile phone. You will also plan and go on a photo walk with friends or family. We’ve outlined how to complete the badge in a weekend below.

But first, here is a quick rundown of how earning a badge works. We use “Badge Guides” to lay out what it takes to earn the badge.

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Photography Walks

Phone Photography Badge, Step 3

Since doing research and taking a class on phone photography, we’ve been sharing our new skills whenever we can! Step 3 of any badge is to take action and share what you’ve learned with others. To complete Step 3 of the Phone Photography Badge, we taught others some of the tricks we learned and took action by taking a couple of photography walks to practice our skills. We chose a forest hike and a trip to a local healing garden for our walks. 

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Phone Photography Research: A Brief History, iPhone Photo Class, & Tips

Phone Photography Badge, Steps 1 & 2

I love the freedom and flexibility of being able to take photos anytime, any place with my phone camera. That said, I never felt like my phone took pictures as well as my larger, fancier camera. I have seen gorgeous pictures taken on iPhones on the internet, so I was excited to learn phone photography tips for how to take advantage of the best camera… that is… the one that I always have with me. 

I was curious to learn more about photography in general as well… what are the “rules” photographers use to take good pictures? And what is it about our eyes and our brains that find some pictures more pleasing than others? I know a good photo when I see one… but how can I take them myself more consistently? Earning the Phone Photography Badge taught me all this and more. 

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Phone Photography Badge

Our phone cameras are the most convenient way to capture our day to day lives and special moments.

Join us as we master the art of the phone photo and earn the Phone Photography Badge. The Phone Photography Badge taught us tips and tricks for taking great pictures on our phones, took us to the Apple store for a photography lesson, and encouraged us to take a photo walk in our community!

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