Earn your Pasta Making Badge in a Weekend!

The Pasta Making Badge has you learn about pasta history and make fresh pasta from scratch. We’ve outlined a way for you to complete the badge in a weekend. Grab some friends and learn something new! 

But first, here is a quick rundown of how earning a badge works. We use “Badge Guides” to lay out what it takes to earn the badge.

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Ravioli and Fettuccini Pasta Making Dinner Party

Pasta Making Badge, Step 3

Step 3 of any badge is to share what you’ve learned with others. To complete Step 3 of the Pasta Making Badge, we taught our family members to make pasta from scratch and shared a delicious meal! Research and learning from others was Step 1 and 2 of the Pasta Making Badge. You can read about the pasta history we learned and the pasta making class we took here

Below, we’ll walk you through how we made ricotta stuffed ravioli and fettuccini noodles with the help of a noodle making machine and ravioli stamps. We also offer tips on making pasta with simple kitchen tools you probably already have on hand like a rolling pin and knives.

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Pasta Making Research: History and Tips

Pasta Making Badge, Step 1 and 2

Now that we learned all about wine in our first Badge it’s time to think about some food. What better food to tackle than pasta?  

Who doesn’t love a warm nourishing plate of noodles?  They are so versatile. They come in hundreds of shapes and can be topped with almost anything!  Here you will learn some basic pasta history from our research and join us as we take a pasta making class!  

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Pasta Making Badge

Everyone loves pasta! It is the ultimate comfort food. Fresh pasta is next level delicious but can feel like an undertaking to make from scratch if you’ve never attempted it before.

Join us as we learn to make pasta at home and earn the Pasta Making Badge. The Pasta Making Badge taught us (and can teach you) the history of pasta, why there are so many shapes – and some of their names – and how to make pasta at home with either a pasta making machine, inexpensive ravioli stamps, or just a knife to cut the dough.

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