10 Easy Ways to Make your Holidays *Green*

“Going green” can be daunting, especially during the holidays. We’ve compiled a list of ten easy ways to make your holidays a bit more eco-friendly this year. We like to think of these tips as a fun challenge that gives some structure to the way you go about your holidays. Even if you just do one of these this year, you will have done something good for the planet! Maybe next year you can do two.

1. Send holiday e-cards.

Save yourself the stress of getting cards printed, writing on envelopes, and buying stamps? We’ve been sending “e-holiday cards” for years now. If grandma really wants to put one on her fridge she can print it out. Email your cards to your contacts but also consider posting you ecard on Facebook and Instagram to spread holiday cheer to even more people.

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Eco Holiday Badge (and a Challenge)

Our next badge is the Eco Holiday Hero Badge! This badge is so important to us, we are devoting the whole month of November to exploring the topic of sustainable holidays.

Join us over the next month as we learn about the impact our holiday traditions have on the environment, easy Earth-friendly alternatives for the harmful holiday-habits we currently have, and how to get our families on board with making changes to our holiday traditions. We will also discuss the many benefits an Earth-friendly holiday brings to all of us! We’ll make DIY gifts, seek out presents that promote sustainability, and shop local. We will speak to experts on sustainable holidays and share a long list of experiences you can give instead of traditional gifts.

Along with this badge, we are issuing an Eco Holiday Challenge. We challenge you to make your holidays a bit greener this year by following a few simple guidelines.

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