Eco Holiday Challenge

We challenge you to go green this holiday season and commit to making your holidays more eco-friendly.

Americans and others across the globe produce an unbelievable amount of waste during the holiday season. Going *green* this year can make your holidays more relaxing, save you money, and help the planet. The video below contrasts shocking holiday waste statistics with easy ways to reduce your impact.

Interested in making your holidays more eco-friendly but not sure where to start? We have plenty of ideas and tips for you. Start with the challenge guidelines below. Then, download and share the social media images to let others know you are making a change for the better this year. Register to receive eco-holiday tips and encouragement from us in your inbox and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for even more inspiration.

Commit to at least 4 of these guidelines this year. Guidelines are not rules. Just do your best!

  1. Wrap gifts in reusable or recycled wrapping
  2. Send electronic holiday cards
  3. Give experiences instead of gifts
  4. Limit the number of gifts purchased online and shipped
  5. Give handmade or homemade gifts
  6. Give sustainable gifts
  7. Make, reuse, or thrift your holiday decorations
  8. Throw a “green” holiday party

Unsure how to make these happen? Watch the video above, read the posts by clicking below, and scroll down to register for the challenge and get details and ideas about how to accomplish each of these guidelines in your inbox!

Social Media Images

Are you on board? Tell others! The power of committing to a challenge publicly is scientifically proven to help you follow through with your plans. Use the social media images below or make your own! Be sure to use the hashtag #EcoHolidayChallenge and support others who have taken the challenge.

Download or save the images below to share them with your followers and help spread awareness.

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Ready to commit but not sure where to start? Our Eco Holiday Badge can guide you!

eco holiday hero badge

The Eco Holiday Badge will ask you to learn about the impact your holiday traditions have on the environment, explore easy Earth-friendly alternatives for the bad holiday-habits we currently have, and get your family on board with making changes to your holiday traditions. The badge is a fun way to supplement the challenge and gives more concrete steps and guidelines if that is your kind of thing. Here’s how to earn the badge in a weekend!

More details about the Eco Holiday Badge including helpful worksheets can be found here.