Cozy Fall Cocktails: Apple Pie Martini & Vegan White Russian

Mixology Badge, Step 3

To complete Step 3 of the Mixology Badge, we taught family and friends to make two cozy fall cocktail drinks: an Apple Pie Martini and a vegan White Russian! Step 3 of any badge is to take action and share what you’ve learned with others.

We completed this badge by hosting several events – E had friends over one night after work for cocktails, we showed family how to make fall cocktails before a frigid and wet high school football game, and we had apple pie martinis at our annual family “fall fest.” All three events benefited from the fun of making cocktails and a little social lubricant. Below, we show you how to make these two fall drinks and share how we set up our supplies for teaching others.

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Cocktail Making Class

Mixology Badge, Step 2

To complete Step 2 of the Mixology Badge we took a cocktail making class at our local distillery, Red Cedar Spirits! We learned to make the “Bourbon Bun” and an “Apple Pie Martini.”

Step 2 of any badge is to learn from others. Taking an organized class is a great way to do this step if you can find one! Many distilleries offer cocktail making classes a couple times per year. You may also be able to find one on Airbnb Experiences

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Mixology Research: Cocktail History and Tools

Mixology Badge, Step 1

cocktail mixology badge

We had a great time learning all about wine in our first Badge! It upped our wine knowledge immensely and tastings have been more fun as a result. We knew another alcohol-based badge was in our future. We are excited to learn all about cocktail history and how to master the art of mixology!

This badge is a natural fit with my love for hosting gatherings. A gathering with cocktails automatically elevates the event and makes it a bit more special! In this post, you will learn some basic cocktail and mixology history from our research. We will look into common mixology tools (is shaken really better than stirred?) and share fun facts about other cocktail accessories!

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Mixology Badge

We are very excited to announce our next badge… Mixology! Mixology is “the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks.” Join us over the next two weeks as we learn the history of cocktails, figure out what various bar tending tools are used for, take a cocktail making class at a local distillery, and host a cocktail party!

If you are interested in earning the Mixology Badge, follow along and complete the steps with us. The Mixology Badge taught us tips for making delicious cocktails and showed us the history of cocktails from Europe to the US and the Caribbean.

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Care Package Packing Party!

Care Package and Correspondence Badge, Step 3

To complete Step 3 of the Care Package and Correspondence Badge, we got together for a care package packing party! Kate has tons of great craft supplies, so we met up at her house one night after we had gathered supplies for our care package contents. Below we share care package ideas for fall, college students, and new homeowners.

Kate made a Halloween care package, fall birthday care package, cookie baking care package for a college student (her daughter), and a blue themed care package. I made a first-year college student care package and a new homeowners care package. We captured our progress on our Instagram stories. You can find those videos archived in the Care Package highlight on our main page.

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Care Package Interview: Tips from an Expert!

Care Packages and Correspondence Badge, Step 2

To complete Step 2 of the Care Package and Correspondence Badge we learned from an expert!

Inspired by her designs on Pinterest, we reached out to Rachel from Countdowns and Cupcakes to see if she’d talk with us about care packages. We were delighted that she agreed. She shared care package tips, tricks, and even some mishaps. You can watch a video of our talk with Rachel below. 

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Care Packages and Correspondence Research: History and Tips

Care Packages and Correspondence Badge, Step 1

Do you know anyone who could use a care package to brighten their day?  Join us as we dive into the interesting history of CARE packages, research what makes a good care package, gather ideas for putting them together, and look into the science of correspondence and maintaining relationships.

Care Packages and the art of sending them entered my life last summer as I was preparing myself to send my oldest daughter away to college.  Yes, she was only going to a school that was 100 miles away… but Care Packages from home were a must do for any great parent, right?  

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Care Package & Correspondence Badge

Care packages can send love, support, and joy in a box! Giving care packages and sending correspondence to loved ones who live near and far can help maintain relationships and make us feel closer to one another.

Join us as we send our love across the state and the country and earn the Care Package & Correspondence Badge. The Care Package & Correspondence Badge taught us tips and tricks for sending thoughtful packages and showed us the history of C.A.R.E. packages and the role they played in post-war Europe.

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Photography Walks

Phone Photography Badge, Step 3

Since doing research and taking a class on phone photography, we’ve been sharing our new skills whenever we can! Step 3 of any badge is to take action and share what you’ve learned with others. To complete Step 3 of the Phone Photography Badge, we taught others some of the tricks we learned and took action by taking a couple of photography walks to practice our skills. We chose a forest hike and a trip to a local healing garden for our walks. 

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Phone Photography Research: A Brief History, iPhone Photo Class, & Tips

Phone Photography Badge, Steps 1 & 2

I love the freedom and flexibility of being able to take photos anytime, any place with my phone camera. That said, I never felt like my phone took pictures as well as my larger, fancier camera. I have seen gorgeous pictures taken on iPhones on the internet, so I was excited to learn phone photography tips for how to take advantage of the best camera… that is… the one that I always have with me. 

I was curious to learn more about photography in general as well… what are the “rules” photographers use to take good pictures? And what is it about our eyes and our brains that find some pictures more pleasing than others? I know a good photo when I see one… but how can I take them myself more consistently? Earning the Phone Photography Badge taught me all this and more. 

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