Creating a Joyful Home

Joy Seeker Badge, Step 2

The ability to find joy in our surroundings is key for experiencing a happy life. For Step 2 of the Joy Seeker badge, Elizabeth and I wanted to focus our joy seeking on our homes. Lucky for us we found a joyful home online class offered by the JOY guru Ingrid Fetell Lee! Elizabeth and I are both home bodies at heart so the idea of spreading more joy in our home was very appealing, especially as we are spending so much time at home these days! We were excited to learn some joy tips and tricks that could be easily incorporated into our abodes.

Need convincing that joy is worth seeking? Read more about the science of joy, happiness, and gratitude here.

Earn the Joy Seeker Badge

If you are interested in earning the Joy Seeker Badge yourself, you can see the Joy Seeker Badge Guide, or “recipe” for the badge here. Each Badge Guide contains three steps to be completed in order to earn the badge. These steps can be done on your own, but we encourage you to grab a few friends and learn together!

Step 2 of any badge is to learn from others. Taking an organized class is a great way to do this step if you can find one!

Joyful Home Class

Our joyful home workshop called The 5 Secrets to Designing a Joyful Home was offered online by Ingrid Fetell Lee and included a printable workbook. The workbook is available to you free right here. We signed up for the class, printed the workbook, and prepared to learn about spreading joy in our homes. The printable workbook was designed for workshop participants to write in notes and key phrases as they followed along with the discussion. Participants were also encouraged to chime in and comment on-line during the discussion. It was fun to see the comments from the other participants across the country and world as the class moved along. We also enjoyed sharing our answers with each other.

During the online discussion five Joyful Home Secrets were revealed. Each secret was then followed by Key Ideas and finally a Try This area. These write-in sections allowed us to reflect and individualize the process based on our own personal preferences – after all what is joyful to me may not be joyful to you.

Joyful Home Secrets:

  • Secret #1: Ask yourself: How do you want your home to feel? Not: How do you want your home to look? Often people focus on the look they want and miss the larger point (that a feeling is what we really are pursuing). We were encouraged to list three words that describe how you want your house to feel.
  • Secret #2: You already know what would make your home joyful. We were then asked to imagine we had a secret room that no one will ever see. What would it look like, what items would be in that room? This part was especially fun. Ingrid said that “the gap between our fantasy and reality is where we can find joy.”
  • Secret #3: You don’t need to buy new stuff to create a joyful home. Instead of focusing on stuff, focus on a moment that matters in your house. What moments are the most meaningful to you? For example, a whole hearted welcome, a cozy sit by the fire, or a satisfying conversation while cooking dinner together? How can you make those moments happen? Ingrid spoke about a bright green bench in her entryway that makes her smile every time she walks in.
  • Secret #4: A joyful home makes it easier to live the life you want to live. What is your focal point? Does your home make it easier or harder to life your best life? For example, does that mega size TV sap the joy out of your cozy conversation spot?
  • Secret #5: There’s no one way to create a joyful home. Joy is not one size fits all. Create a space that brings YOU joy! You can read more about the things that typically bring people joy here. Some ideas to add to your home include round things (furniture, mirrors, rugs, pillows), pops of color, repeating patterns, and fun accessories that make you smile.

I thought this online class was insightful and next level for any home decor fan. I loved thinking about what makes a joyful home. My home already brings me a lot of joy. It is my favorite place to be. But how can I increase that joy? I really connected to Secret #1: How do you want your house to feel (not how do you want it to look). I had never really thought about decorating in that way. I realized that home to me is truly a feeling not a look.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on

When asked to write down three words for how I wanted my home to feel I wrote: Cozy, Creative and Relaxed. I feel confident that I already have the cozy and relaxed aspects covered, but not necessarily the creative piece. Let me premise this by stating that I do consider myself a creative person and I do have a fully stocked craft room. But does that come through in my decorating? Could my house feel more creative?

This line of thinking reminded me of a house I stayed at in Brooklyn, NY a few years back. It was an amazing 4 story townhouse painted bright yellow that was full of funky and creative pieces of the most amazing art, nicknacks, and found objects. Creative pieces were everywhere (on the walls, tucked into bookshelves, in the kitchen, on shelves). I loved wandering from room to room looking at the unique, fun pieces. The objects had a “collected over time” feel, which is not something you can get with a few trips to Target or World Market. The eclectic collection included homemade art, movie posters, travel mementos, paintings and photographs. But somehow it all worked together. It brought me joy!

I would love to emulate some that creative joy in my own home. I have always been a collector of knick knacks at heart. But how do I integrate my already existing collection which is currently tucked away in drawers and cabinets into my home? How can this coincide with my recent lean toward more minimal belongings and furnishings? Is there a happy medium? Find out in Step 3 of the Joy Seeker Badge as I compile my hidden art treasures and debate how to display them to create a more joyful home!

Jimmy Fallon’s Joyful Home

Another joyful home we’ve been exposed to recently is Jimmy Fallon’s house. Since the Tonight Show is not being filmed in studio we have been able to peek into Jimmy’s creative and uniquely decorated home! In fact it has been a treat to get to peek inside many celebrity homes as people post videos from their quarantine! Check out at least the first few minutes of the clip below to see Jimmy Fallon’s treehouse-inside-the-house room and slide, tree bark covered guest room, and yellow boat themed room!

Want to learn more about joy from Ingrid? She has a Joy Makeover class that is available for free anytime. Check out the Joy Makeover here. For Step 3 of the Joy Seeker Badge we decided to create a couple of joy projects, one for self-care and one in our homes! We’ll share the outcome of those projects in our next two posts.

What have you added to (or taken away from) your home to make it more joyful? Do you have any colorful walls or rooms in your home? We want to hear from you! Message us on Instagram or Facebook or drop us a line here.

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