Yogi Badge

Just in time for a fresh start in a new year, our next badge is all about yoga! Join us as we earn the Yogi Badge over the next couple weeks. We’ll cover the timeline, types, and terminology of yoga. We’ll explore the many benefits of yoga and learn some beginner and basic poses. Then, we’ll take a 30-day yoga challenge and let you know how it goes, how we feel, and what we learned. Finally, we’ll create custom and easy-to-make yoga mat bags and design and set up dedicated yoga space in our homes.

If you are interested in earning the Yogi Badge yourself, follow along and complete the steps with us. You can find our free Yogi Badge Guide here.

Steps to Earn the Yogi Badge

Step 1: Explore the rich history of yoga. Learn about various types of yoga online and dig into the many benefits of a regular yoga practice. Watch a Youtube video to learn basic poses and sequences, check out a book at the library, or listen to a podcast on the topic.

Step 2: Learn from others. Take a yoga class in your community. If you have taken yoga classes before, try a new type of yoga. Seek out feedback from an instructor on your alignment. Many yoga studios offer weekend workshops where you can learn about yoga for specific issues like back pain or survey topics like chakras. Bring a list of questions to ask.

Step 3: Create and take action. Take a 30-day yoga challenge to find out how your body feels with regular yoga practice. Create a dedicated yoga space in your home, make a special bag to carry your yoga mat, and mix your own yoga mat cleaning spray from natural ingredients. Invite others to join you in a weekly yoga class and share what you’ve learned.

Head over to our Instagram or Facebook to read some yoga trivia and tips and be sure to follow our blog posts for more in depth reporting on our experience earning the Yogi Badge.

Once you’ve completed the Yogi Badge, be sure to tell us about it on Instagram with the hashtag #badgesforall and send us a quick message to share your experience. If you include your address, we’ll send you a little something for completing the badge!

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