Gift Idea: Give the Gift of Journaling

Journaling Badge, Step 3

My favorite gifts to give are things I love and use myself. After reflecting on all the journals we keep, and the many benefits of journaling, we thought it would be nice to give the gift of journaling to others.

To complete Step 3 of the Journaling Badge , we decided to gift a few journals to some very special people. We visited a local bookstore to peruse the many journal options available. We found a few perfect journals that felt right for our friends. Then, we created a card to send along with the journals to make the gift of journaling personal.

Selecting a Journal to Gift

Journaling is definitely having a moment! There are hundreds of amazing journals on the market today. We recently enjoyed checking out the journal section of our local bookstore. We were impressed by how many different types of journals they carried. Read all about the different types of journals in our post here and watch us discuss the journals we use (and why we love them) in this video.

With the vast variety of journal available to purchase it was easy to find the perfect journal to match the personality of our friends. When gifting a journal we knew it would be important to not only match our friends’ personalities but also consider how much time they could devote to journaling. Some journals call for long reflection while others ask for just a few lines per page.

Sharing the gift of journaling can be a very personal and inspirational present. It lets the recipient know that you are thinking about them and can be personalized to fit many life situations. If someone is going through a difficult situation, journaling can an outlet for self-reflection, processing emotions, and reducing stress. If someone is about to embark on a new adventure (baby, travel, build a home, college, new job) journaling can allow them to track their feelings and emotions along the way. Journaling can spark creativity, help people achieve goals, increase motivation and strengthen self awareness. Read more about the benefits of journaling here. Perhaps a journal is the perfect gift for all occasions? We think so!

Katie’s Gift of Journaling Pick

I selected the journal titled “The Story of my Life” to gift to my two best friends from high school. I recently completed this journal and thoroughly enjoyed it. It allowed me to reflect on my life up until now. The journal is split into chapters: Childhood & Family, Young Adulthood & Firsts, Adulthood, and Retrospective. It provides a writing prompt on every page that guides you to reflect on a memory or event.

I felt the journal was a lovely way to document my childhood through present time. I hope this journal will be something that my children and their children will read to learn more about me someday. What really surprised me was how many journal entries and memories included my girlfriends from high school. I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane and reliving that very formative time of life. I knew this journal would be the perfect gift for them. You can check out The Story of my Life journal here.

Elizabeth’s Gift of Journaling Pick

I have a friend that lives in Utah (very far from me here in Michigan!) that already does a great job keeping in touch with and caring for friends she has all over the country. I thought she would enjoy an idea-based journal focused on connecting with others called Connect Every Day. I’ve seen a lot of these idea-based journals popping up lately – these are journals where each page encourages you to do something – like get coffee with a coworker or write your newest friend a note. In this case, the ideas are all about connecting, but I’ve seen others focused on doing good deeds, or mindfulness activities.

This journal is perfect for my friend because it does not require lots of sitting and reflection, but is a fun way to get ideas for how to connect with people – an activity I already know she loves!

Personalizing our Gift of Journaling

With our journals purchased, we were ready to put our Gift of Journaling together. We wanted to incorporate some of the things we have learned as we worked on the Journaling Badge. We created a journaling card to include with our gifts. You can download the PDF below! Each card includes some journaling benefits as well as room to write why we chose the journal for them.

Want bonus points? Make a care package and include the journal along with some other bits that will make the recipient smile. We did a whole badge on care packages. Read more about care packages here.

Earn the Journaling Badge

If you are interested in earning the Journal Badge yourself, you can see the Journal Badge Guide, or “recipe” for the badge here. Each Badge Guide contains three steps to be completed in order to earn the badge. These steps can be done on your own, but we encourage you to grab a few friends and learn together!

What is your favorite journal to use? Would you consider gifting it to a friend? Comment below, send us a message, or reach out on Facebook or Instagram!

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