Cookie Baking Party Tips

Cookie Connoisseur Badge, Step 3

To complete Step 3 of the Cookie Connoisseur Badge, we got together for a cookie baking party! We gathered a few family members and baked Snickerdoodles, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Thumbprint Cookies, Spritz Cookies, and Iced Sugar Cookies. Read on and watch the video below to hear our tips for hosting your own cookie baking party.

Tips for Hosting a Cookie Baking Party

We have found that a little planning and prep will make for a much smoother baking event! Ask each guest to choose one cookie recipe and submit it the week before the party so the host knows exactly what equipment and ingredients are required. Then assign out the equipment and ingredients needed – we don’t have everyone bring ALL the ingredients they need to avoid having 6 bags of flour! For example, the host could go buy a giant bag of sugar and flour (and other common ingredients).

Common equipment to ask your guests to bring:

  • Measuring cups
  • Stand mixers
  • Baking sheets
  • Cooling trays
  • Aprons
  • Any unique ingredients their cookie recipe requires

Setting Up Your Space

Pick a holiday playlist for your event. Music can really set the mood. Determine what mood you would like to create by thinking about who will be attending. Burn holiday scented candles or diffuse peppermint essential oil. Light up the tree (if you have one) and sprinkle other holiday decor around your home-especially the kitchen/baking area!

Provide holiday cocoa and tea. Mulled wine or a holiday cocktail would also be festive. Bring out the holiday dishware if you have it.

Set up some additional work tables if you’ll need extra space for rolling, frosting, and cooling cookies. Kate hosted our cookie baking party in her kitchen since it has the most space for us to spread out. This is an important consideration as having five cooks in the kitchen can quickly result in chaos. Consider protecting surfaces in the kitchen, especially if using food coloring.

If children are attending consider some activities available for them. We have found that dipping pretzels in melted chocolate and then decorating with sprinkles is a great holiday treat that they can master! Young children may tire from the baking rather quickly. Have a holiday movie or cartoon ready or perhaps a gingerbread house available to decorate.

Create Ingredient Trays

We create one common ingredient tray (for flour, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, etc.) and then individual trays for each cookie. Start by setting out the recipes and any special ingredients that cookie requires. This strategy helps to keep people organized and contain the mess – a little!

Cookie Containers

Ask your guests to bring cookie containers to take cookies home. At the end of the party, each guest grabs a couple of each type of cookie to put in each container. We always make enough to give containers to our favorite neighbors and have plenty for ourselves for the rest of the month.

You can find adorable containers especially made for holiday baking at most grocery stores this time of year. Consider airtight containers if you are freezing your cookies for later. Have some gift tags and markers available for your guests to use.

The video below walks you through our 9 tips for hosting a cookie baking party and gives you a sneak peek into our holiday baking this year.

Other Cookie Baking Party Tips

  1. Put lunch/soup in a crock pot ahead of time so food is ready when you and your guests get hungry. When you’re busy baking it will be hard to get ingredients out and create an additional mess to make lunch.
  2. Consider making sugar cookies ahead of time so you can focus on decorating the day of.
  3. Create recipe cards of all the cookies for your guests to take home.
  4. Make sure everyone’s hands are very clean so you don’t infect your whole neighborhood!
  5. Plan for a long afternoon or a good chunk of a Sunday to host your cookie making party. It took us four hours to make four types of cookies. The bottle necks in our baking process were at the stand mixers and in the oven. If you stagger the start times of your recipes, you can avoid the line up for your stand mixers. To ease the wait times at the oven, we had a TON of baking sheets and lined them up in the order they should go in the oven. While they baked, we enjoyed our lunch of soup in bread bowls!

Have you ever hosted a cookie baking party? How did it go? Tell us about it! Comment below, send us a message, or reach out on Facebook or Instagram! You can find the badge guide and worksheets to help you complete it here.

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