Eco Holiday Badge (and a Challenge)

Our next badge is the Eco Holiday Hero Badge! This badge is so important to us, we are devoting the whole month of November to exploring the topic of sustainable holidays.

Join us over the next month as we learn about the impact our holiday traditions have on the environment, easy Earth-friendly alternatives for the harmful holiday-habits we currently have, and how to get our families on board with making changes to our holiday traditions. We will also discuss the many benefits an Earth-friendly holiday brings to all of us! We’ll make DIY gifts, seek out presents that promote sustainability, and shop local. We will speak to experts on sustainable holidays and share a long list of experiences you can give instead of traditional gifts.

Along with this badge, we are issuing an Eco Holiday Challenge. We challenge you to make your holidays a bit greener this year by following a few simple guidelines.

#EcoHolidayChallenge Guidelines

Commit to at least 4 of these guidelines this year. Guidelines are not rules. Just do your best!

  1. Wrap gifts in reusable or recycled wrapping
  2. Send electronic holiday cards
  3. Give experiences instead of gifts
  4. Limit the number of gifts purchased online and shipped
  5. Give handmade or homemade gifts
  6. Give sustainable gifts
  7. Make, reuse, or thrift your holiday decorations
  8. Throw a “green” holiday party

Ready to take the challenge? Sign up here and post one of these images to your social media accounts so others can cheer you on and learn about why making our holidays more eco-friendly is important.

Are your holidays already eco-friendly? Great! Help us spread the word about the importance of making our holidays “greener” by posting one of the images above to your social media accounts. Send people our way to learn about how they can make eco-friendly changes to their holiday habits this year.

If you are interested in earning the Eco Holiday Badge and/or taking the #EcoHolidayChallenge, follow along and consider completing the badge steps with us.

In our next couple of posts we will dive deep into the statistics associated with our holiday waste. We’ll give you ideas for how to make your holidays greener including a long list of experiences you can give. We’ll discuss getting our families on board with an eco-friendly holiday, and share various DIY/handmade gifts we’ve given throughout the years. We’ll also share the DIY gifts we’re making and giving this year! We’ll take you along as we shop local and talk with experts about sustainability during the holidays. Head over to our Instagram or Facebook to read some holiday waste and sustainability facts. Be sure to follow our blog posts for more in depth reporting on our experience earning the Eco Holiday Badge.

Interested in completing this badge? Check out the badge guide below and linked with a printable version here. We’ve also created worksheets to help you organize your research notes and plan out how you will complete the badge steps. You can download the Research & Planning worksheet and the Reflection worksheet here.

Once you’ve completed the Eco Holiday Badge, be sure to tell us about it on Instagram with the hashtag #badgesforall and #EcoHolidayChallenge. Send us a quick message to share your experience. If you include your address, we’ll send you a little something for completing the badge!

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