Friday Curiosities

On Fridays, we share a roundup of what we’ve been learning, watching, reading, and listening to outside of our badge topic for the week. We call this feature “Friday Curiosities” and this black cat is our curiosity mascot of sorts! Read on to find out what we’ve been learning lately.

What We’ve Been Learning

K: The Birch Lodge in Northern Michigan

I instantly fell in love with the Birch Lodge in Trout Lake, Michigan on a recent trip to the Upper Peninsula.  A mere 30 minutes from the Mackinac Bridge, it is well worth the trip.  This unique property has both a beautifully restored 1950’s Mid-Century Modern Motel and an amazing and huge hospital/sanitarium turned lodge built in 1912. 

The historical details and furniture are a treat!  Both the lodge and the motel have a beautiful waterfront view and access to a sandy beach, row boats and kayaks.  For any scary movie enthusiasts, you get both the Shining and Bates Motel in one. This creepy charm is hard to describe…but I found it absolutely delightful!  Their website provides an amazing history of the property along with some vintage pictures. I found additional information about the lodge here.  The provided toiletries in the lodge included a lovely lavender-peppermint body lotion by C.O. Bigelow.  

K: Northern Michigan Wildlife

Another area that I have been researching is related to our Upper Peninsula trip. Michigan’s UP is often thought of “a far away land”. It is only accessed from lower Michigan by the 5 mile long Mackinac Bridge or by boat. It is full of beautiful trees and waterfalls…and animals that are rarely seen in the lower peninsula. Before our trip I did some research on a few UP animals (Moose, Wolves and Black Bears) so that I could share the information around the campfire. What I found was a fascinating history and a few sad but thankfully successful stories about animals being brought back from the brink of being completely lost from the Michigan wilderness. 

E: Pasta, of course!

This past week we worked on earning our Pasta Making Badge. I did some “extra credit” by teaching a few of my friends to make vegan ravioli last weekend. One of my friends had the fancy pasta rolling attachment for the KitchenAid which was a fun addition to the way we had learned to make ravioli last week. You can find a roundup of our pasta-related posts here

What We’ve Been Reading

E: Sally Rooney’s Books

Image result for conversations with friends

I just finished two of Sally Rooney’s books: Normal People and Conversations with Friends. I enjoyed Sally’s smart, intimate, and witty writing style. I read Normal People first and enjoyed it more than Conversations, though I have a feeling the order I read them in made a difference. By the end of Conversations with Friends the main character’s self-loathing was starting to make me feel loathsome about myself! But overall the books were a fun read and kept me engaged and interested. 

Next on my nightstand: Burnout by Emily Nagoski

K: All About Steve Jobs

I recently completed the book Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs.  She is the daughter of Steve Jobs.  The book gave a fascinating peek into her childhood and what it was like to have a genius, but mostly absent father. I enjoyed this book immensely. I felt a connection to the author who also grew up in the 80’s.

I was introduced to the book by the Happier Podcast which featured it in their book club.  After completing the book I became curious about Steve Jobs, the man who created Apple.  I soon stumbled upon three interesting movies depicting his life. Jobs that came out in 2013, Steve Jobs that came out in 2015 and Pirates of Silicon Valley that came out in 2005.  I learned that an amazing mind does not always equal a nice guy.  

What has piqued your curiosity this week? We’d love to hear what you’ve been reading, watching, and listening to. Drop us a line or leave a comment below!

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