Earn your Pasta Making Badge in a Weekend!

The Pasta Making Badge has you learn about pasta history and make fresh pasta from scratch. We’ve outlined a way for you to complete the badge in a weekend. Grab some friends and learn something new! 

But first, here is a quick rundown of how earning a badge works. We use “Badge Guides” to lay out what it takes to earn the badge.

Badge Guides are printable “recipes” or ideas for learning something new and sharing it with friends. Do something to satisfy each of the three steps to earn the badge:

Step 1. Research
Step 2. Learn from others
Step 3. Share your knowledge

The steps in the Badge Guide are designed to be flexible, so if you want to watch different YouTube videos or listen to different podcasts, feel free! Just make sure they are fairly equivalent in length and information shared. You can use our worksheets to take notes, plan how you’ll complete each step, and record your reflections on earning the badge.

pasta making


Complete Step 1: Research

You will research three pasta-related topics: the history of pasta, pasta making history, and a pasta topic of your choice. Be sure to grab a notebook and take some notes, or use this worksheet!

Learn about Pasta and Pasta Making History

First, listen to podcasts and watch Youtube videos to learn the history of pasta and how it made its way to your home country. Read over the timeline below to get a sense for how pasta has evolved since the 13th century.

pasta history

Next, learn about the history of pasta by watching the following Youtube Videos, exploring Pinterest, and searching the internet.

Learn about Home Pasta Making

Learn about a Pasta Topic of Your Choice

There are a lot of other things to know about pasta: pasta shapes, how to make gluten-free pasta, how to pair different sauces with various pasta shapes, etc. Choose a topic you’d like to learn more about and dive in!


Complete Step 2: Learn How to Make Pasta from Others

pasta making machine

Write a list of your lingering questions and topics you want more information about. Do you have a good grasp on how to make pasta at home? Learning from others is probably the best way to polish this skill!

Go to a Pasta Making Class or Enlist a Friend/Family Member to Teach You

Get your hands dirty and take a turn at kneading and rolling out the dough. Be sure to take notes and write down the recipe. Although the process is simple you will want to refer back when you prepare the pasta on your own.


Complete Step 3: Share your Pasta Making Knowledge 

Step 3 is all about sharing your knowledge with others. One of our favorite ways to do this is to host a little gathering and show our friends and family what we’ve been learning. These gatherings are the most fun when they are interactive. For the pasta making badge, the whole group can get hands-on by making their own pasta dinner!

Grocery Shop and Gather Supplies

Make a plan for your pasta meal: will you make filled ravioli or cut fettuccine noodles? Which sauce will you use? Do you need ravioli stamps? You can record your plan on the Research & Planning worksheet.

If you’re interested in the supplies we used, here is the link to our pasta noodle machine we used to press the dough into thin sheets and cut the dough into fettuccine. We used these ravioli stamps to seal and cut out the ravioli shapes. Here is a link to the semolina flour we used, though you can find this at most grocery stores. And finally, the amazingly delicious vegan pesto sauce that is our go to can be found here! It is excellent smothered on bread too.


Host the Party!

The final step is to host your pasta making dinner party. Be sure to tell your pasta party guests all about the fascinating history of this nourishing noodle! If your guests are creating their own pasta, offer cute aprons to wear during the process. Make a game out of naming pasta shapes. Play some Italian music in the background. Offer sauce and topping options for a fun pasta buffet!

Tell us about your experience earning this badge!

We want to hear from you. What pasta fact did you find most interesting? How was your pasta party? Fill out the Pasta Making Badge Guide Worksheet. Send us some pictures (tag us on Instagram or Facebook) and your notes and we’ll send you something in return. 

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