Ravioli and Fettuccini Pasta Making Dinner Party

Pasta Making Badge, Step 3

Step 3 of any badge is to share what you’ve learned with others. To complete Step 3 of the Pasta Making Badge, we taught our family members to make pasta from scratch and shared a delicious meal! Research and learning from others was Step 1 and 2 of the Pasta Making Badge. You can read about the pasta history we learned and the pasta making class we took here

Below, we’ll walk you through how we made ricotta stuffed ravioli and fettuccini noodles with the help of a noodle making machine and ravioli stamps. We also offer tips on making pasta with simple kitchen tools you probably already have on hand like a rolling pin and knives.

First, we gathered our supplies.

One of the best things about made-from-scratch pasta (besides the taste!) is how simple the supplies list is.

  1. Flour. Any kind will do. We used semolina flour because it has high gluten content which helps the dough stretch without breaking.
  2. Water. From the tap!
  3. Noodle machine. This is the one we used, or a rolling pin.
  4. Ravioli stamps. Here is a link to ours (they worked great), or a knife.
  5. Ravioli filling. We went for store bought vegan ricotta. We encourage you to get creative! If you’re just making fettuccini, then no filling required.
noodle machine

Then, we made our pasta dough.

semolina flour
Start with 2/3 cup Semolina Flour
Add 2-4 TBS Water
Stir with a fork until loose ball forms. The dough should not be too crumby! Add water as needed.

We followed the this recipe to make our dough. The video above gives detailed directions. You can also check out our Pasta Making Tips post for further explanation.

homemade pasta recipe

After making the dough, we rolled it out thin, and either cut it into strips for fettuccini or plopped on filling, topped with more dough, and cut out ravioli shapes. The dough can be rolled out thin using a regular rolling pin and you can cut out ravioli shapes with a knife… but the stamps turned out to be a lot of fun and helped make a nice seal between the two pieces of dough.

ravioli making
We used ravioli stamps to make these shapes.

Then we boiled the pasta for just a few minutes (3 max). Fresh pasta takes much less time to boil than dried pasta.

Next, we added sauces and sides.

We used store bought pesto sauce and red sauce Katie had made ahead of time with tomatoes from her garden, but you could whip up a sauce from scratch. After all the work we’d done on the dough, it was nice to have the sauce already made for us. Not sure what sauce to pair your pasta with? Our Pasta Making Tips post contains some good ideas.

Our sides were breadsticks (store bought) and sautéed (and garden fresh) zucchini half-moons. And wine. We picked up the bottle we drank during our Wine Tasting Badge adventures.

Finally, we enjoyed the fruits of our hard work.

Until you make your own pasta at home, it’s hard to truly express how “worth it” the effort is. Fresh is just better. Hands down!

Have you made pasta from scratch before? Have you ever taught your family members? Do you have a favorite pasta sauce recipe? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below, send us a message, or reach out on Facebook or Instagram. We also invite you to complete the Pasta Making Badge! You can find the badge guide and worksheets to help you complete it here.

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