Earn your Wine Tasting Badge in a Weekend!

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The Wine Tasting Badge has you dip your toe into the vast amount of wine knowledge out there. We’ve set out a way for you to complete the badge in a weekend. Grab some friends, and grab some wine… and get ready to learn something new! 

But first, let me give you a quick rundown of how earning a badge works. We use “Badge Guides” to lay out what it takes to earn the badge.

Badge Guides are printable “recipes” or ideas for learning something new and sharing it with friends. Do something to satisfy each of the three steps to earn the badge:

Step 1. Research
Step 2. Learn from others
Step 3. Share your knowledge

The steps in the Badge Guide are designed to be flexible, so if you want to watch different YouTube videos or listen to different podcasts, feel free! Just make sure they are fairly equivalent in length and information shared. You can use our worksheets to take notes, plan how you’ll complete each step, and record your reflections on earning the badge.

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Complete Step 1: Research

You will research three wine-related topics: wine history, wine pairings, and a wine topic of your choice. Be sure to grab a notebook and take some notes, or use this worksheet!

Learn about Wine History

Listen to podcasts and watch Youtube videos to learn the history of wine making. Wikipedia is a good place to start for some basics. 

Learn about the history of wine by watching the following Youtube Videos, exploring Pinterest, and searching the internet.

Learn about Wine Pairings

  • Pinterest has a lot of infographics that beautifully display appropriate pairings. Check out our Pinterest board for some ideas. 
  • Plant and Vine has a guide for wine pairings with vegan and vegetarian food
  • Find at least one new source that explains how to pair wine with your favorite types of food

Learn a Wine Topic of Your Choice

Listen to two podcast episodes about wine topics that pique your interest. Wine for Normal People, for example, has released nearly 300 podcasts over the last several years so you are sure to find something to catch your interest! 

Here are a few wine podcasts we loved:

  1. Wonderful World of Wine 
  2. Wine for Normal People
  3. Wine Enthusiast Podcast

wine tasting, wine, grapes


Complete Step 2: Learn from Others and Go Wine Tasting!

Write a list of your lingering questions and topics you want more information about. 

Go to a Vineyard, Winery, or Wine Store

If you happen to live near a winery, this is the best option for completing Step 2 of the Wine Tasting Badge. You can read about our experience at our local winery here. If not, head to your local specialty grocer that sells wine. If you can find one that offers tastings, even better. Find an employee that can offer recommendations and answer your questions about wine and be sure to ask some! 

If you can do a tasting at either a winery or a store, be sure to take notes about the flavors you tasted and rank the wines so you can remember which ones you liked best.

Start Step 3: Share your Wine Tasting Knowledge 

Step 3 is all about sharing your knowledge with others. One of our favorite ways to do this is to host a little gathering and tell our friends and family about what we’ve been learning. These gatherings are the most fun when they are interactive. For the wine badge, the whole group can get hands-on with a tasting!

Plan your Pairing Meal and Grocery Shop

Revisit your wine pairing notes from last night and make a plan. You can record your plan on the Research & Planning worksheet.

Questions to consider: What types of wines do you want to pair with? What are your favorite foods? What would be easy to make? Who are you inviting and what do they like to eat? 

Next, pick up pairing supplies and wines at your grocery store, wine store, or local winery. 

wine, food


Finish Step 3: Host your Wine Tasting/Pairing Party 

This step couple be completed on Saturday evening if you are pressed for time!

Consider how you want to display your pairings. We made signs to accompany each pairing explaining which wines go with which foods. These Mini Chalkboard Signs and this Bamboo Cutting Board from Amazon are just like the ones we used! You can read our post about our wine pairing party here. You could also easily show off your pairings with regular notecards. Check out our Pinterest board for wine pairing serving ideas. 

Be sure to share what you’ve learned with your guests. Walk them through the pairing choices you made and ask whether they think the food enhances the taste of the wine. 

Tell us about your experience earning this badge!

We want to hear from you. What wine fact did you find most interesting? How was your wine pairing party? Fill out the Wine Tasting Badge Guide Worksheet. Send us some pictures (tag us on Instagram or Facebook) and your notes and we’ll send you something in return. 

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